What Manufacturers Can Do To Make 4K TV More Appealing to Consumers?


4K TVPeople often whether they should buy a 4K TV to replace their old 1080p model. 4K TVs are still facing stiff competition from newer Full HD TV models and here are things manufacturers should do to make their 4K models stay relevant.

* Reduce Cost: Most TV models from big-name brands are still well above $2000 and although some sets are already under $1000; they come from manufacturers that users typically squeamish about buying.

* Use Better Design: Many 4K TVs are larger than 65-inch and this could create concern for home owners. It would be a challenge to fit very large TV’s with the décor of our living room. Manufacturers should ensure that big-screen 4K TV is something awesome to own.

* Provide More 4K Content: There’s too little relevant 4K content available in the market and they are still quite expensive. Sony recently offers a package of 50 4K movies in a media player for about $700. But what consumers really need are TV channels with true 4K programming through satellite or cable. There are even no Blu-ray discs for 4K content. Manufacturers should encourage the industry to release more 4K content.

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