LG Urbane a Good Looking Smartwatch


LG Urbane SmartwatchLG has announced its new wearable smartwatch, the LG Watch Urbane and its more capable sibling, the Watch Urbane LTE. The standard version is based on the usual Android Wear and the Watch Urbane LTE uses something quite similar to webOS, but LG hasn’t told us what it is.

First of all, the Watch Urbane has a circular display and it looks like a luxury timepiece. It is equipped with genuine leather bands, with two color options, brown or black. Its stainless steel body has polished gold or silver finish. This should provide us with a classier feel than other smartwatch models in the market.

In essence, the Watch Urbane seems quite similar to the G Watch R and it is more likely an aesthetic upgrade. True to its name, the more capable Watch Urbane LTE comes with LTE connectivity and this should explain why the smartwatch has a larger dimension. It needs to accommodate the LTE modem. It is actually a wearable smartphone with dedicated capability to send text message and make or answer calls. Although the jury is still out on whether smartwatches really need true cellular-based capability, we should obtain a lot of functionality.

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