Finding Balance Between Display Size and Usability


SmartphonesThe gap between smartphones and tablets has been generally recognized. Today, high-end smartphone models are expected to have 5-inch display or bigger. The 6-inch territory is starting to be filled with various models and they’re the biggest smartphones / phablets before we venture into the mini tablet territory.

It’s more about looking for the perfect sweet spot, which provide the best multimedia experience with the largest display, but still compact enough to allow users with the phone comfortably with one hand. Depending our consumers’ preferences, smartphones with 5.5-inch display, could provide the best balance.

So, it is clear that smartphones have grown faster than our hands. For people who are uncomfortable with larger phones, they could use models with 4.3-inch or 4.7-inch display. Samsung has decided that the sweet spot is no bigger than 5.2-inch, with the newest Galaxy S6 stays at 5.1-inch. The newest HTC One model also remains at 5-inch. This may not be a coincidence and Android device makers have probably discovered the sweet spot. Apple has caught up with its iPhone 6 Plus, a move that negates the distinct advantages of Android devices.

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