The Best Tech Gadgets For Women


Tech Gifts For WomenTechnology is spreading faster around the world and it empowers everyone, including women. Women have equal access to technology when compared to men and here a few gadgets that we could give to them.

  • Infinity Oven: Infinity Oven is an affordable solar-powered oven that may encourage women to cook at low cost. It is constructed from local materials and may reach a temperature of 220 degrees.
  • Panasonic Water Purifier: Panasonic has developed a low-cost water purifier solution with zeolite and titanium oxide as photo catalysts. It could remove germs and toxic substances in water with UV rays.
  • Venus Washing Device: Venus is a simple gadget that makes it easier to wash clothes. It is useful in areas where washing machines are not available. A battery version of the device is being developed and it is equipped with motor and belt that may churn the water with a wheel.
  • Foneastra: Foneastra is a device based on smartphone functionality and can monitor the temperature of breast milk during pasteurization. The sensor is placed in a hot water container and a separate milk container sits in the water. It supports Bluetooth connection and users are guided throughout the process.

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