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Smart TV
Television sets or TVs are definitely the most important mode of entertainment for us for decades. There are tons of other things that modern man has discovered for entertainment, but nothing till now has actually replaced the charm of watching television.

Yes, like everything else, TV has also evolved a lot, not only in looks and design, but in terms of functionalities as well. From the boxy big TV sets to the now ultra slim LED TVs, the evolution has been huge in terms of how the TV now entertains us. The TV is definitely not an idiot box, but smart like almost all other home appliances, beginning from smartphones, to smart cameras to even smart refrigerators and A.Cs. The Smart TVs are the latest rage all over the world. Although in India, the Smart TV trend is still budding, but the demand and the market are certainly increasing with time.

Thus, almost all consumer electronics brands are now busy offering various Smart TV models in a choice of several sizes as well as budget to cater to the requirements of the modern smart consumers. The consumers are also responding very well to the fast changing trend and are getting more interested in the Smart TVs. The Smart TVs are a lot different than a normal TV set, these can connect to the Internet, offer great apps, record the playing videos and even take a snapshot from a movie/TV program and you can get a picture by connecting the TV to a printer. Smart TVs thus, offer great many more ways of entertainment other than simply watching TV. Moreover, these also offer superb viewing experience with High Definition (HD) picture quality. Hence, Smart TVs are definitely much more fun; however their popularity is yet to increase owing their premium pricing.

Here is the list of the Top 5 Smart TVs in India that are all worth of your money and will certainly add to the charm of your living room:

  1. Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED KDL46HX850 TV
    Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TVSony Bravia brand is probably the most popular LED TV brand in India. When it comes to Smart TV models, then the Sony Bravia KDL46HX850 TV is certainly a great choice. It flaunts a massive design similar to all HX TV series. The TV set features the Japanese tech giant’s X-Reality picture system that Sony claims to offer crisp and clearer picture quality. It is of course a full HD TV and offers built-in Wi-Fi.The Bravia KDL46HX850 also features OptiContrast and Corning Gorilla Glass Panel for superior display and comes with many pre-installed apps like YouTube, Star Player, Facebook, Twitter and Skype.It is priced at Rs. 1,23,900 for the 46 inch version and Rs. 209,900 for the 55 inch model.
  2. LG 3D Full HD LED TV 47LW6500
    LG Full HD LED TVThe LG 3D Full HD LED TV 47LW6500 is also a very able and superior choice when looking for a good Smart TV in India. This Smart TV is also a 3D TV along with full-HD display which offers amazing viewing and entertainment, as one can enjoy 3D movies in the comfort and convenience of one’s own living room. This TV incorporates Triple XD system which LG says helps in offers sharp and crystal clear picture quality. This great LG TV set offers great connectivity options including 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, while also supporting LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity.The LG 3D Full HD LED TV 47LW6500 is priced at Rs. 1,14,999 for the 47 inch model.
  3. Samsung Series 8 SMART 3D Full HD LED TV ES8000
    Samsung Series 8 SMART 3D Full HD LED TVWhen it comes to consumer electronics, then the South Korean tech giant’s position in the market seems to be invincible. From smartphones to TVs, Samsung offers some of the most visually stunning and capable products to win over the consumers. The ES8000 is a superb Smart TV from the house of Samsung that offers great functionalities.This Smart TV is certainly very smart and boasts of the features like face recognition, motion control and voice control. It is very light and slim as well offering great sleek design. Full HD content viewing is a pleasure on this TV. It also comes with many pre-loaded apps including Samsung App, Smart Hub, Skype, Social TV, Camera App and more. It also offers 1 headphone jack, 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and Wi-Fi.It is priced at Rs. 1,51,000 for the 46 inch model and at Rs. 2,68,000 for the 55 inch version.
  4. Panasonic SMART VIERA 3D Full HD LED TV TH L47ET50D
    Panasonic SMART VIERA 3D Full HD LED TVPanasonic is another Japanese tech major that offers quality electronic goods. Its SMART VIERA 3D HD LED TV TH L47ET50D’s specialty is its superb crystal frame. The TV features IPS LED LCD Panel as well as the company’s active shutter progressive 3D system for great full HD and 3D content viewing.Similar to all the other models in the Panasonic SMART VIERA series, this model also features Viera Connect which lets the users access all the popular apps.The Panasonic SMART VIERA 3D HD LED TV TH L47ET50D is priced at Rs. 1,16,900 for the 46 inch model.
  5. Philips 46PFL8577 LED HD 3D DDB Television
    Philips LED TelevisionThe bygone home entertainment market ruler, Philips still has sparks in it and offers some impressive products. The Philips 46PFL8577 LED HD 3D DDB is one such offering that proves that the company is trying hard to gain back a proper foothold on the Indian consumer electronics market. This Smart TV has 480Hz Perfect Motion Rate or PMR, which helps in delivering sharp motion pictures. The TV offers very impressive picture quality and comes with the connectivity capabilities of 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port.It is priced at Rs. 1,06,000 for the 46 inch model.

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