The Smartphones Rush: Competition & Popularity of Smartphones


Popularity of Smartphones

The usage of smartphones these days is as common as television sets at home. It is hard to find people, without smartphones these days. The people have become addicted to their use. These days the range of brands are also increasing. Nokia is trying to, get their hold back in the market, by launching strong built up and high-end camera resolution phone. Nokia has always been known for strongly built up phones. Their smartphone market had seen a downfall earlier, though they are trying their best to get back.

Smartphone Competition

HTC is another brand, doing very well in the market. They manufacture costly and budget phones. Some of the HTC phones offer a long battery life. Smartphones with long battery life are the most in demand. Samsung is the market player for budget and high range phones are getting, tough competition from Xiomi.

In short, though there are so much of brands available, what sells is, well built up, price, and the service the companies provide. Customers these days, get a range of options, hence the companies, need to pull up their socks, to be in the market in the long run. The local or national brands are also giving international brands a strong completion.

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