Samsung U28D590D Allows 4K Gaming at 60Hz Refresh Rate


Samsung U28D590DPixels on 4K TV sets are very small and gamers have been dreaming about playing using the ultra-high resolution platform. 4K TVs are getting more affordable and it is actually possible to play at 4K resolution right now. 4K resolution is still too demanding even for high-end graphics processing. However, it is a different story if gamers are willing to play at 30fps and lower detail settings.

The Samsung U28D590D is a 4K monitor with 28-inch display and it’s available for around $570 on Amazon. Unlike earlier 4K monitors, it comes with 60Hz refresh rate, which necessitates the use of DisplayPort. Standard HDMI specs only support 4K resolution at 30Hz.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 doesn’t support 4K resolution and the interface could look impossibly small. It is possible to crank up the DPI scale to 150 percent, but it only enlarges the text. Standard UI elements will still be small. The U28D590D is reasonably affordable for a 4K tv monitor and there’s a consequence for that. It uses the TN panel, with inferior color accuracy and viewing angles compared to standard IPS display. Its stand is also somewhat limited, with no VESA support, rotation and height adjustment.

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