Samsung Galaxy S6 is Marketed as a Selfie Smartphone


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has provided us with a new promotional video and it focuses on one feature of the Galaxy S6 that still receives much less attention than others. Samsung says that the front-facing camera of the Galaxy S6 will change the way we take selfie photos.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with 5Mp front-facing camera and 120-degree field of view. It means, the wide-angle camera should be able to allow more people to pose on the front of the phone. If we have the Galaxy S6, Samsung says that we shouldn’t carry selfie sticks like “cave people”. These sticks have become wildly popular among smartphone users across the globe.

As we have known, the wide-angle 5Mp front-facing camera is available on both Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. So, no matter which device you have of the two, we should be able to snap wide-angle selfies, whenever we are. Of course, we can’t say that there are no smartphone models out there with impressive front-facing camera solutions.

However, it is quite true that many flagship models are still lacking in this specific department. So far, the South Korean smartphone maker has been very proficient at marketing their devices and they regularly attack competing manufacturers using some cheesy puns.

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