Various companies are planning to launch their new gadgets.

  • Sony: Sony is working on the Project Morpheus and it will be released. The company hasn’t announced its pricing details yet. The gadget is essentially consisted of 5.7-inch Full HD display with OLED RGB panel. It has key display update and 120Hz refresh rate. As a virtual reality device, the Morpheus offers 360-degree tracking and 100-degree field of view with nine LED tracking. It could soon be integrated with Sony’s Playstation gaming technology.
  • Nokia: Nokia is planning a renewed entry into the smartphone market. It will prepare several new technologies, such as virtual reality. According to its agreement with Microsoft, Nokia will be allowed to use its own brand again on smartphone after Q4. So, if the company is determined enough, there would be new Nokia smartphones during the holiday season.
  • LG: LG is planning to put WebOS on its upcoming smartwatch model, set to be released this year. The software is a highly open platform and it is considered more open than Android. The yet-unnamed smartwartch will support 3rd party apps and will be integrated with Audi’s upcoming cars, including with NFC-based car unlocking feature.

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