Cool Tech Gadgets For Men: Gadgets to Buy


Tech Gadgets For Men

There are new gadgets that could be interesting for men.

  • Oculus Rift: It is a highly improved VR gadget with enhanced optics clarity and new tracking system. Users will be able to adjust the lenses distance. It removes motion blur and ghosting with two OLED panels. There are also integrated headphones with specifically tuned 260-degree binaural audio. Thanks to the lighter weight and modified model, it will be redesigned to fit people who wear glasses.
  • Puzzlephone: It is currently a prototype modular cellular phone with three main components. The designer says that the Puzzlephone has display and frame as the skeleton, battery as the heart and processor and storage as the brain.
  • ZTE Eco-Mobius: ZTE Eco-Mobius is another modular smartphone model and it is equipped with built-in battery, camera modile with magnet clips and slide frame.
  • Fonkraft: Funkraft has been in added in the Indiegogo crowdfunding website and it is a smartphone skeleton that can be combined with modular units, such as data storage, RAM, processor, display and others.
  • Nexpaq: Nexpaq has raised some amount of money in Kickstarter and it is a smartphone accessory that can actually turn into modular smartphone.

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